Music Video With English and Spanish Lyrics, Don Omar – Dile

Since many want to learn spanish by watching reggaeton videos, I figured I’ll do an easy song first,  because reggaeton can be an adventure to translate as many of the songs use regional slang, and some even make up their own spanish words so that the music can rhyme.

Don Omar’s, Dile, is actually not a bad song to translate as the lyrics are very clear.

However, I know friends have asked me, how come the letter R’s are not pronounced? And how come they sound like L’s?

Well, that’s because Don Omar is Puerto Rican, and the Spanish spoken there has a bit of a different sound for the letter R, when is at the end of a word.

For example, in the song we hear, the lyric:

Dile que esta noche me quieres ver

We would expect to hear, quieres ver as in verde.

Instead, we hear, vel.

And as you listen to this song, you’ll hear many letters ending in ‘r’ actually sound like ‘L’, and again, that’s because that’s how Spanish sounds when most Puerto Ricans speak it.

So you have, beso mejor que el, which sounds like beso mejol que el.

Admite tu error, which sounds as, admite tu errol, but notice that “error” still keeps the “R” sound in the middle of the word.

So yea, don’t ask me how the rules are, but that’s how it is spoken in Puelto Rico 🙂

The video is below, and as always, any comments or questions, let me know.


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